Georgia Legal Defense

Client Testimonials

  • What wonderful service! A breath of fresh air
    I contracted with this firm to take care of my case while I was out of state. Their quick and friendly response was amazing. They were able to take care of my case quickly and had it dismissed. They were constantly keeping me updated with their progress until the end of the case. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm. Forever grateful!
    Miami, FL
  • I felt that the firm was fully invested in my case
    Mr. Schneider and his team really seemed to care about me and my future, and were always easy to get in touch with. I felt that the firm was fully invested in my case and would do everything in their power to insure the best possible outcome. Of all the bad choices I have made in my life, picking The Schneider Law Firm to represent me definitely wasn’t one of them!
  • Extremely Professional
    We would like to thank you for everything that you and your staff have done for our family. The situation we were faced with was something we could never have imagined and felt extremely lost with nowhere to turn. After our conversation and then meeting with you and Shannon for the first time, Matthew and I walked out of your office feeling 100% safe and confident that you would do everything in your power to give us the best chance in overcoming this unfortunate situation. You and your staff have gone above and beyond our expectations. You have Matthew a second chance to start over and allow him to continue with his studies and becoming an adult. I cannot say enough about your staff. Shannon, Carli and Natalie, always made us feel like we were your only client. The attention that they gave us was something I would have never expected. They were always understanding, courteous and very professional. I had to learn that this process takes time and your staff was always available to help me understand and to ensure our confidence. If anyone we know, is faced with a situation that you can help with, we will give your firm the highest recommendation possible. I can honestly say that Shannon, Carli, Natalie and yourself are angels from heaven that were sent to us in our most desperate time of need. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts
  • Always Felt Comfortable
    I can't thank you enough for all of your help over the past few months and for all the work you've put into my case. Shannon, Carli & Natalie along with the rest of the office made my family and me feel valued and appreciated when we needed it the most. We were always comfortable and confident in you guys because you always kept our heads up. Thanks again!
  • Extremely Grateful for his Help
    Before meeting with Mr. Schneider we felt completely lost with nowhere to turn, but after our first meeting he quickly put those feelings to rest. Mr. Schneider and his staff were extremely professional and made us feel like we were their only client. Without him, who knows where we would be today. Our family is extremely grateful for his help and expertise. We couldn’t thank you enough!
  • Exceeded My Expectations
    The bar was set high, yet Mr. Schneider exceeded my expectations. Mr. Schneider and his team really seem to care about me and my future, and were always easy to get in touch with. I feel as though Mr. Schneider is very well educated about the matters related to my case and if he wasn't sure he knew who to ask. People can expect the firm to be fully invested into their problems, and to do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome. Of all the bad choices that I have made in my life, picking The Schneider Law Firm to represent me definitely wasn't one of them!
    Savannah, GA
  • Always had time to answer my questions.
  • I anticipated the worse outcome, but the result of my case was better than I expected. Producing results is the #1 thing and Cris did it.
  • I was most satisfied with how quickly Carli started making calls and getting information for me, even before my initial appointment.
    I felt like my attorney was well educated on the subject matter of my case, and my expectations were met. The Schneider Law Firm was responsive, they kept in communication with me and were easy to get a hold of. They also provided honest and direct answers.
  • Each person I spoke with was able to answer my questions.
    I did not know what to anticipate, as I had never needed to use an attorney in the past; however, they did go above my expectations. I cannot praise Carli enough. She was patient, non-judgmental, efficient and able to answer any question I had. As I live out of town, and was very nervous and naive about all of this, I could not have received any better representation.
  • I was most satisfied with the way the team worked together.
    All of my information was processed and passed from person to person. I was hoping for my charges to be dropped from DUI to reckless, and my expectations were met. Carli is a pleasure to work with and does a great job talking to clients on the phone. She makes you feel comfortable and that everything is going to be 'OK.' They are a caring group of individuals who work together to get the best possible outcome for the client.
  • The best attorney for the job.
    Best work I've seen here in Georgia & Kansas. Thank you for taking my case – you and your team are wonderful.
  • Everyone was extremely friendly, supportive and helpful.
    I didn't have any doubts or concerns that The Schneider Law Firm couldn't help me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate all the hard work!
  • I anticipated my case to be almost impossible.
    He definitely met my expectations, above and beyond. So thankful to have had your help!
  • I'd like to express my continued and extreme gratitude for all of the hard work and long hours you put into my case.
    I know I didn't give you much to work with but you did an amazing job throughout the trial and I continued to be amazed at how good of an outcome we achieved. I truly believe the decisions you made and the clever strategies you used saved me from spending multiple years of my life incarcerated and for that, I fear I will never be able to express my gratitude fully.
  • You and your staff are wonderful. I will be eternally grateful.
  • Cris went above and beyond his responsibilities when he took our case
    A “bad” mistake on our part could have put us in a very bad situation and could have also ruined our business reputation. He not only helped us clear our charges but his caring demeanor assured us we had the best attorney. We not only consider Cris as our family attorney, we now consider him a wonderful friend.
  • You should get an award for what you did in that court room. You are a 5 star lawyer.
  • That was the best money I have EVER spent
  • He had complete command presence of the court. He was the general of that court room.