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A driving under the influence (DUI) arrest or criminal accusation can lead to severe criminal penalties for the average person. But for a college student, such as someone attending Savannah State University, additional administrative penalties or disciplines can be even worse. This is especially true in recent years as more and more news stories appear in headlines that focus on university students accused of serious crimes and how they will be punished. In many regards, a college student can understandably feel ostracized and prejudged by peers, society, and campus administrators.

Penalties Faced by Savannah State University Students

If a Savannah State University student is convicted of a DUI, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the criminal justice system will be able to implement a number of penalties. Most commonly, the driver will lose his or her license for an extended period of time, pay fines and reinstatement fees to the state, and need to complete a course on driving safety and the dangers of intoxicated driving. On some occasions, the driver can also be sentenced to months in jail, even for a first-time DUI. If a university student is charged for another crime, such as assault or drug possession, imprisonment is nearly guaranteed as well as even steeper fines.

However, the worst part of a conviction for a Savannah State University student may be how it can impact his or her education. The school will host an administrative hearing to review if the college needs to take action against the student for wrongdoing. If the crime took place on the campus, it will almost certainly bring administrative action.

Penalties brought by faculty or administration members include:

  • Removal of student’s financial aid
  • Suspension from certain classes
  • Expulsion from university
  • Mandatory restitution paid to alleged victim

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The Schneider Law Firm has been actively defending the rights of the people of Savannah for years. Due to his heavy involvement with DUI cases, Attorney Schneider has been given the nickname “DUI Daddy”. The firm has also intentionally focused on college student defense cases, including offering protection to Savannah State University members. If you need defense counsel that you can depend on when your higher education is in jeopardy, look no further.

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