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Minors Not in Possession of Alcohol Can Still Be Charged

Minors in the state of Georgia can still be charged with the crime of possession of alcohol with just a small trace of alcohol found in their blood stream. Underage individuals are susceptible to an arrest whether or not they actually have alcohol in their physical possession.

All that the officer needs to testify is that the odor of alcohol was found on the minor's breath. Keep in mind that a conviction for Minor in Possession of Alcohol will lead to substantial penalties, including a six-month suspension of your driver's license. For that reason, you will want a strong defense based on the evidence against you.

False Charges from an Inaccurate Measurement Machine

Machines that are used to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) level of an individual have often been proven inaccurate when detecting trace amounts of alcohol on one's breath. In some cases, minors are charged and convicted based on a faulty machine reading. You do not want this to happen to you! Our firm's Savannah DUI attorney can use this knowledge as part of the defense for your DUI case.

If you are accused of minor in possession, you have numerous options available to get your case resolved. At The Schneider Law Firm, we can carefully assess the evidence against you to build a personalized defense on your behalf. Do not hesitate to schedule a free case evaluation with our legal team. We are available to help you aggressively fight your case, especially if a faulty machine was used to charge you.