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How Long Will a DUI Conviction Stay on My Record?

According to Georgia State law, the punishments involved with driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can escalate depending on how many prior convictions you have on your record. How long a conviction will stay on your record is sometimes known as a "lookback period" and is a full 10 years in Georgia. That means the DUI conviction you got in 2009 can still haunt you until 2019.

While many states leave DUI convictions on records for only five years, Georgia's duration is twice as long. The idea is that a greater lookback period will deter drunk driving even more while also supplying the state with more money through steeper fines if someone is convicted consecutively. It should be noted, however, that if another criminal act was involved with your DUI arrest, it could remain permanently on your record as an attachment to that other violation.

Can a DUI be Expunged in Georgia?

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest or conviction, you can take steps to erase a mark on your record prematurely. In a process known as expungement, a DUI lawyer can work to have the charge entirely removed from your record.

This means that it will not be eligible for consideration during any lookback periods. If you cannot have it eliminated, you can also move to have your criminal record sealed. This means that anyone interested in your histories – such as employers or educational groups – will be unable to see the conviction.

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Georgia and would like to get it expunged, contact a Savannah DUI attorney from The Schneider Law Firm today. We can help you clear your name and even fight any subsequent DUI charges you might currently be facing!