Georgia Legal Defense

Cris Schneider Represents Member of Atlanta Rap Group

In April, three members of a popular Atlanta rap group, Migos, found themselves in trouble with the law. Police officers arrested the young men after a performance at Georgia Southern University when less than an ounce of marijuana, some codeine syrup, and four handguns were allegedly found in the tour vans.

Although two of the group members were able to post bail after just two nights in jail, the third is still behind bars. He has prior felony convictions on his record which are making it difficult for him to find a way out of jail. Each of the three members retained three different defense attorneys to represent them in court, with Attorney Cris Schneider acting as the defense for Quavo, who is already out of jail.

Attorney Schneider Shares Insights with Rolling Stone

According to interviews with Rolling Stone, the lawyers were able to significantly weaken the prosecution's count of the April arrests. Attorney Schneider, who was quoted in a recent Rolling Stone interview, believes that the arrests were based purely on racial motives. He said that the police officers and the prosecutor know that neither the weapons nor the drugs can be conclusively tied to the members of Migos.

Despite the legal trouble, Migos continues working hard and pushing to achieve new levels of success. Attorney Schneider knows that the outcome of this case is important to the group and is prepared to do whatever it takes to reach a satisfactory outcome.