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Doing Your Part to Prevent Holiday DUIs

Eggnog, spiced wine, hard apple cider, spiked hot cocoa – you name a festive spirit, and the holidays have it. Seems like you are going to run into some alcoholic beverages at every holiday party you go to, whether it is with friends, family, coworkers, or a mix. While there is nothing wrong with partaking in the drinks in the spirit of the season, there is something inherently dangerous with getting behind the wheel after having a few too many. Not to mention it could be devastating for your finances and future freedom!

If you are going to be doing some drinking over the holidays, keep these three tips in mind to do your part in preventing DUIs:

  1. A place to lay your head: Most party hosts will be happy to accommodate those who understand they have had too much to drink and cannot safely drive home. Before the festivities kick into full gear, ask your hosts if you can crash there for the night, just in case. They will certainly appreciate your foresight.
  2. No trouble with taxis: Even though taxis are a prevalent part of our culture, people often forget they exist, especially when they need them the most. If you have a smartphone, download a taxi service application – such as Lyft or Uber – now, making it much easier to get the ride you need later.
  3. Designated drivers: This is a smart tip that is worth repeating, no matter the season. If you are going to drink at a festive party, bring someone along with you who will stay sober and do the driving.

On top of these tips, remember that alcohol can linger in your system longer than you think. One beer or one strong shot takes about an hour to fully metabolize, and it can have a multiplicative affect. For example, three beers within a short amount of time could affect you for four or more hours. Even if you think you are totally sober, a breathalyzer might reveal otherwise, and you could be in for some trouble.

When You Need a Fighter in Your Corner

Suppose that you did your best to avoid driving while intoxicated but still wind up arrested for a DUI this holiday season. What can you do? Fight for your rights, of course! Contact a Savannah DUI attorney from The Schneider Law Firm to retain the services of a group of respected and highly-experienced lawyers you can trust, as evidenced by their dozens of appreciative client testimonials. Call 912-385-0854 today to schedule your appointment.