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How Do I Get My License Reinstated in GA?

Your Georgia driver's license may be suspended upon being arrested for DUI or for refusing to submit to having a chemical test or showing a BAC of .08% or more. A refusal is against the Georgia Implied Consent Law and will result in a suspended license for at least one year. You can challenge your BAC and the initial suspension of your license after a DUI arrest (so long as you didn't refuse a chemical test) in a DMV hearing.

When can I apply for a reinstatement of my license?

Your first DUI offense will result in a 12 month suspension of your license. After 120 days, you are allowed to apply for a reinstatement if certain conditions are met.

Such conditions include:

  • Proper time period has elapsed
  • A certificate of Completion of a DDS approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program is presented
  • Submission of payment by mail or in person

The cost to reinstate your license for your first DUI offense is $200 if paying by mail or $210 in person. While your license is suspended, you can apply for a limited driving permit which would allow you to drive to work, a doctor's office, school, support organization meetings, or a driver education program.

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