Georgia Legal Defense

The Schneider Law Firm Opens New Office in Hinesville, GA

The legal team at The Schneider Law Firm has expanded their ability to serve the community by opening another office in Hinesville, GA. The location of the new office is:

101 E Memorial Drive, Suite A
Hinesville, GA 31313

The firm continues to serve the entire community with top quality defense counsel. They are known for their exceptional litigation skills in criminal court, and the new office makes it possible to reach out to a greater number of people who need an aggressive and talented trial lawyer to help them to fight back against a misdemeanor or felony charge. The firm represents those charged with a range of offenses, from minor charges through to the most serious offenses, including sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes and DUI.

They have achieved many notable victories in criminal court, and their focus on case development and defense strategies that are effective have proven to be of great value to their clients over the years. Many of the firm's new clients come on a referral basis from happy clients, which is a testament of their ability to fight criminal charges professionally and effectively. The new office in Hinesville gives those living in the area an opportunity to call upon the firm more easily when a criminal charge is pending against them.

As it is a well-established fact that the quality of your defense is the most critical issue in the outcome of your case, it is advised that you contact the firm and get more information about what could be done for you in your case. Early involvement in the defense is always recommended, as cases with serious errors can frequently be dismissed, or charges significantly reduced. Contact the legal team at The Schneider Law Firm for more information about their services, and arrange an initial consultation at their new office.