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How a DUI Conviction Could Affect Your Insurance Rates

If you have been arrested or charged with DUI, you may be wondering how a DUI conviction could affect your insurance rates. Insurance companies consider those individuals who have been convicted of DUI to be a much higher risk than other drivers. Many insurance companies will simply cancel coverage following a DUI conviction so they can lower their own potential risk of having to pay out after a DUI-related accident. In cases where an insurance company decides to continue providing coverage to an individual after he or she has been convicted of DUI, that driver will generally be moved to a high risk category.

High risk drivers are required to pay more costly premiums in return for a lot less coverage. Since a DUI conviction will remain on your permanent criminal record, it is unlikely that you will see any future relief on your costly insurance rates. We realize that the counsel you choose will have a direct impact on the outcome of your case. Unless you are able to obtain a dismissal of charges or an acquittal at trial, you will have to live with the consequences and penalties of your DUI conviction. Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer from our firm will significantly increase your chances of being able to fight your charges and avoid conviction.

The Schneider Law Firm is a well-established DUI and criminal defense firm with a reputation for aggressively defending clients against DUI or DUI-related charges. The vast experience our lawyers have amassed over the years from time spent as prosecutors, assistant district attorneys, prominent legal educators, skilled writers and featured speakers gives our clients confidence that their case is in good hands. Call a Savannah DUI lawyer at our firm now so that we can review your charges and begin immediately crafting a strategy for your defense.