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Facing Criminal Charges in Statesboro?

Facing criminal charges in Georgia is unquestionably a nerve wracking experience and for good reason. This state is particularly harsh on crime, especially when it comes to drug-related crimes where many of them are prosecuted as felonies. When you are potentially facing imprisonment, thousands of dollars in monetary fines, community service, probation or parole, you owe it to yourself to secure the best legal representation possible. You can't place a value on a powerful defense attorney because their value to your case is immeasurable. Many times who you choose to represent you in court can mean the difference between going to jail or prison and walking free.

At The Schneider Law Firm, you are getting more than just another law firm, you are getting the skill and experience of a highly successful trial lawyer and a former prosecutor combined into one. The firm's lead attorney, Cris Schneider worked alongside a nationally known criminal attorney in Atlanta for 10 years, where he represented numerous high profile and celebrity clients. After that, he relocated to Savannah where he was the lead trial attorney for the District Attorney's Office for both Bryan and McIntosh counties. He is also a well-known and respected speaker and educator for prosecutors all throughout the state of Georgia. Since moving into private practice, Statesboro criminal defense attorney Cris Schneider has zealously advocated on behalf of those facing criminal charges, and has garnered a reputation for being a tough attorney both inside and outside of the courtroom.

DUI Defense Representation in Statesboro

The firm can represent individuals facing virtually all types of criminal charges including DUI. In fact, the firm's lead attorney has so much experience handling DUI cases that he been nicknamed the "DUI Daddy." If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher then you face an automatic license suspension (ALS). It's important that you understand that after a DUI arrest, you have just 15 days to schedule your DMV hearing, this is the hearing where the future of your license will be decided upon. If you want to retain your driving privileges or at the very least minimize your license suspension, it's critical to have legal representation at this hearing as well as your criminal hearing.

Contrary to popular belief, when you are arrested for DUI, you don't have to give up and take your punishment. The firm's attorneys are extremely good at challenging every aspect of a DUI case including the field sobriety tests, the breath & blood tests and the traffic stop. Whether this is your first DUI ever, or if you are facing charges for a multiple DUI, a felony DUI or an underage DUI, the firm can provide you with a top-notch defense. Although most DUIs are prosecuted as misdemeanors, there are certain aggravating circumstances that can enhance your DUI penalties and incur felony charges. To learn more about DUI in Georgia, visit the firm's DUI FAQ page.

Criminal Defense Services in Statesboro

The firm's lead attorney Cris Schneider has been working in the field of criminal law for over 25 years. Over which time he has personally handled minor misdemeanor to serious violent felony cases in both the state and federal courts. If you are facing criminal charges for assault or battery, or domestic violence, then you need an aggressive and meticulous criminal defense attorney fighting in your corner. These crimes can be prosecuted as misdemeanors or felonies, so don't be fooled into believing that facing an assault charge or a domestic violence charge will simply go away. Due to the fact that there are often no eyewitnesses to these types of charges, it will be your word against your alleged victim's. Even if you're completely innocent or were acting in self-defense, sometimes alleged victims can display a rather convincing testimony – one that could put you behind bars for something you didn't do.

In Georgia, drug crimes are punished severely and many of them are prosecuted as felonies. For example, while possession of an ounce of marijuana in many other states is a misdemeanor, in Georgia marijuana possession of 1 oz or more is a felony offense! Drug crime penalties depend on the type of drug, the quantity and what you intended to use it for. Typically, possessing a small amount of a drug for personal use incurs lighter penalties than possessing a large amount for distribution, or manufacturing something such as methamphetamines with the intent of distributing the drugs.

When an economy is in trouble, it's not uncommon for people to commit more theft crimes for the purpose of survival. While being unemployed doesn't make it right, it's not a bad idea to have your defense attorney explain your side of the story. Theft crimes include: shoplifting, auto theft, burglary, robbery and many more. How one is prosecuted depends upon the value of the goods stolen, whether or not they used a weapon to commit the crime, whether or not anyone got hurt and also whether or not they have a criminal record. These are all factors that will go into criminal sentencing, and no matter what you are being charged with, it's absolutely vital that you hire a good lawyer to cross-examine the eyewitness testimony and question any evidence against you.

Former Prosecuting Attorney By Your Side

In addition to the above, The Schneider Law Firm also handles violent crimes such as manslaughter and murder, as well as various types of white-collar crimes, sex crimes and internet crimes. Truthfully, hiring the right law firm with a proven track record for success is extremely critical when facing criminal charges of any kind. To schedule a confidential consultation with someone you can trust, contact a member of the legal team without delay.

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