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Arrested for DUI While Visiting Georgia?

If you are not a resident of Georgia, and received a DUI while driving in the state of Georgia, you may be wondering how a conviction for DUI will affect your driver's license in your home state. The Non-Resident Violator Compact is an agreement between 44 states to help each other prosecute, or otherwise hold accountable, visiting drivers for their traffic violations. Essentially, the compact provides for mutual cooperation and reporting requirements for those ticketed drivers who do not respond to their citations.

If a driver does not respond to the citation, the issuing state will notify the driver's home state. That government body will suspend the offender's license until the matter is resolved. At The Schneider Law Firm our Savannah DUI lawyers are experienced specialists who can address virtually any DUI-related arrest and charges.

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For years, our team at The Schneider Law Firm have been standing up for the rights of the accused in Savannah. From day one, it has been our goal to provide excellent service at affordable prices. After all, no one should have to face the harsh scrutiny of the Georgia State legal system without a powerful legal advocate in their corner.

We are proud to say that our lead attorney, Mr. Cris Schneider, has various accolades that benefit his clients, such as:

We Routinely Handle Out-of-State DUI Cases

As a former prosecutor, you can rest assured that Attorney Schneider is fully aware of every strategy and tactic that the prosecutor's office may employ in order to convict you. Mr. Schneider has served as an educator to prosecutors throughout the state, lecturing on law enforcement and judicial perspectives. He was also a member of the Litigation for Prosecutors program.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI in Georgia and are looking for solid, aggressive criminal defense representation, look no further than a Savannah DUI attorney from The Schneider Law Firm. If you are still in Georgia, we would be glad to meet you in our offices at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss your case in detail and determine which legal options best fit your unique situation. We will make certain that all methods of defense are used in your case and we will leave no stone unturned in defending your rights.

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