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Legal Assistance for DMV Hearings in Georgia

Alcohol and car keys - DMV hearing in Georgia

DMV hearings, sometimes called ALS (Administrative License Suspension) hearings, are administrative proceedings held to determine whether or not an individual should have their driving privileges suspended after they have been charged with a DUI. DMV hearings are held in the Department of Motor Vehicles, completely separate and in addition to criminal proceedings.

A DMV hearing looks to address the following key issues:

  • Whether or not you took breath & blood tests
  • If the tests were administered correctly
  • Whether you refused to take either a blood or breath test
  • Whether you took and passed other field sobriety tests
  • If there was reasonable cause for law enforcement to believe you were driving drunk
  • Whether your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .08% or higher (for adults), 02% or higher (for drivers under 21) or .04% or higher (for commercial drivers)
  • If you were you arrested following specific legal procedures
  • Whether you caused an accident involving injury or death

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, it is in your best interest to contact a Savannah DUI lawyer at the firm immediately. A skilled attorney at the firm will be able to review your specific case, schedule your hearing, prepare you for the hearing and represent you at the hearing. A DMV hearing is an opportune time for your attorney from the firm to present evidence, challenge the defense's case and test results, and aggressively fight on your behalf.

Want to save your license? Enlist the help of a DUI attorney.

The criminal justice system can be extremely intimidating and being faced with a license suspension is a serious matter which can impact not only your livelihood, but that of your family as well. Should you be facing a 2nd, 3rd or 4th DUI charge, you could be looking at increasingly severe DUI penalties. In such cases, you would be seriously remiss if you didn't have an attorney educated and familiar with the entire DUI process.

Thankfully, the attorneys at the firm are all hardworking legal professionals, knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of criminal defense. Cris Schneider himself is a specialist in state and federal criminal defense cases. He is also a former prosecutor for the Atlanta Judicial Circuit District Attorney's office, so is able to bring a unique insight to the criminal defense cases the firm represents.

If you want the top choice law firm of clients seeking aggressive criminal defense representation, contact The Schneider Law Firm.

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