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Savannah Solicitation Attorney

What is solicitation & how does it differ from prostitution?

Many people think that if you haven't actually done anything there is no crime. In most cases this is true but there are some important exceptions. One of these exceptions is called solicitation. This means asking, demanding or in some way attempting to convince another to commit a crime. Solicitation of prostitution is a crime which carries severe penalties. For the average person the consequences of being charged with solicitation have a great impact on your personal and business reputation, as well as your family. An experienced Savannah criminal defense attorney can help you by fighting to help you avoid conviction.

The Schneider Law Firm Will Give Your Case the Attention it Deserves

Prostitution is, itself, a criminal offense. Asking someone to engage in a sexual act in exchange for money carries penalties of imprisonment, fines and the potential of sex offender registration. Having a conviction of a sex crime on your record can have a very negative impact on your future. You have the right to be represented by counsel. By working with a knowledgeable criminal lawyer you can ensure that your legal rights are safeguarded and that every effort will be made to help you fight back against the charge. Your case will be given the priority it deserves.

The legal team at our firm understands that cases involving solicitation or any related sex crime is a serious matter and is committed to providing the highest quality defense. Criminal prosecution is always a stressful experience. You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side that will explain the charges and your rights to you and build an aggressive defense strategy calculated to obtain a successful resolution. To discuss your concerns and get your questions answered call The Schneider Law Firm for a consultation.

If you have been arrested, contact a Savannah criminal defense lawyer at the firm who can evaluate your case and explain your options.

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