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Savannah Fraud Defense Attorney

Accused of committing fraud? Get aggressive legal protection.

There are a wide range of fraud crimes, each of which carries specific penalties. The charges may be filed in either state or federal court, and this decision is based upon the type of fraud in the case. For example, if there was any banking institution involved, the crime will fall under federal jurisdiction. If you are currently accused of fraud, the consequences you could face if you are convicted will be extremely harsh, including prison time, expensive fines and restitution. If law enforcement believes you were operating as part of a large-scale fraud operation you can expect a longer prison term, and you could be subject to property forfeiture as well as fines, essentially losing everything, including your freedom.

Credit Card Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Health Care Fraud & More

The first step in any criminal investigation for fraud is to get protection. Only one person stands between you and the attacks levied against you by the prosecution, and that is your criminal defense lawyer. At our firm, The Schneider Law Firm, we bring some impressive qualifications to the table. Our founder, Cris Schneider, is a former prosecutor who gained important insight into the criminal justice process while serving on the "other side."

After determining that his legal talents should be used to protect defendants, he went on to establish his own practice. As a trial lawyer, he has an exceptional ability to craft and present powerful defense arguments. You have the advantage of being able to connect with the firm directly if you are accused of any fraud crime. Take the steps you need and call the firm before your case moves any further through the system, as our early defense strategies could be vital to the outcome of your charges.

What are the penalties for fraud in Georgia?

The penalties for fraud will vary based upon the type of crime. Generally, a first time offense will have a lesser penalty than when the defendant has been convicted of a fraud crime in the past. In cases of credit card fraud, when a card has been obtained with false information, or another party's credit card used fraudulently, the penalties imposed will be based upon the value of the items, goods or services purchased illegally.

This is a form of theft crime, and is punished as such, although many fraud cases will include additional charges. In cases related to unemployment insurance fraud, the penalties imposed could include losing your ability to get UI in the future, jail or prison time, as well as losing your access to tax refunds you may be due. The penalties for mortgage fraud were increased in 2005, and this is now a felony offense.

Some realtors and mortgage companies face a difficult legal problem, as a conviction can lead to a term of incarceration in state prison as long as 20 years, and fines of $25,000 or higher. No matter what form of fraud you are accused of, or are currently under investigation for, our team is ready to move into action for you. With a Savannah criminal defense lawyer from our firm working with you can greatly increase your chances of avoiding conviction.

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