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Savannah Expungement Lawyer

The Benefits of Having Past Arrests & Convictions Expunged

Expungement can help many individuals remove charges, arrests and convictions from their permanent record. People who have charges or convictions on their permanent record can have great difficulty obtaining a job, particularly in a tough job market. Employers usually select an employee with a clean record when they can. There are options available to people who wish to remove any arrests, charges or convictions they may have on their record. Expungement and record sealing can be pursued with the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

Want to clear your criminal record & restore your reputation?

There are two ways that an individual can remove, or seal, any negative items on their record:

  • Expungement: this is the process of removing any arrest, conviction, charge or other offense from your record completely. Not every charge is eligible to be removed and a thorough review or your previous case will be conducted by the firm to determine what can be removed.
  • Record Sealing: we can fight aggressively to hide any arrests, convictions or charges from the public. Employers will not see any of these items when they run a background check. The only people who will have access to these files will be law enforcement and the judicial system.

Our Firm Has Served Clients in Savannah for Over 15 Years

Regardless of what route is taken, they can help you. They have been helping clients in the Savannah area for over 15 years and have aided in the expungement of many client's records. Attorney Cris Schneider is a former state prosecutor, and has seen firsthand the power of dedicated legal team. A knowledgeable attorney can often make the difference in expungement cases. The Schneider Law Firm is well-versed in Georgia state law and is prepared to fight aggressively for your best interests.

This is a very big moment in your life. Their law firm understands that this is a stressful time but they are here to help you. Their firm has represented many clients to clear their criminal record and move forward. They are ready to review your case to determine how to take legal action on your behalf. We can quickly advise you as to whether you qualify for an expungement and how to move forward with the process.

Contact our firm if you need a lawyer to help you clear your criminal record.

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