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Drug Trafficking

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Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Savannah

When You're Facing Trafficking Charges, Turn to a Former Prosecutor

Drug trafficking is one of the most heavily penalized crimes in the state. There is a great deal of attention focused on apprehending drug traffickers, and putting them away in state prison for as long as possible. You can expect to be aggressively prosecuted, and the maximum possible sentence will often be sought. As the prosecutor has the full support of the state in law enforcement, labs and other resources, a defendant can be at a disadvantage if not represented by an equally powerful and well-connected Savannah drug trafficking defense attorney. At our firm, The Schneider Law Firm, we have gained the respect of the legal community for our many successes in difficult cases, including trafficking charges. Our founder is a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience, and can take on the opposition with professional skill.

What should you do if you are charged with drug trafficking?

Once you have been arrested and charged, a drug trafficking charge will proceed through the justice system, moving inexorably towards conviction unless you take action to fight back. Once arrested, it can be assumed that the prosecutor believes there is sufficient evidence that you were involved in drug trafficking to convict you. To successfully defend against a trafficking charge, it will be necessary to comb through every detail of the evidence, seeking out the holes in the case. The various errors that could be critical in your defense include the following:

  • The initial police stop if pulled over or stopped on the street.
  • The legality of the arrest warrant.
  • An evaluation of an arrest without a warrant with regard to probable cause.
  • A full review of the arrest process.
  • A review of any search and seizure in the case, and whether rights were violated.
  • The chain of custody of any evidence in the case.
  • The reliability of any witness who provided information that led to your arrest.

There are many details that may be present in your case that could allow for a case dismissal. You need to find out what can be done for you as early as possible after your arrest. Remain calm, don't argue with police, and exercise your right to remain silent. Our firm will move into action for you and will seek out the best possible strategy for your defense case.

As a defendant, you have the right to expect due process and a fair trial. We are extremely interested in hearing your side of the story, and the details about what happened. As the penalties for drug trafficking in our state are extremely harsh, your freedom may hinge upon the skills of your defense attorney. Don't take chances – choose a former prosecutor who is a well-respected and successful criminal trial lawyer to fight for you.

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