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Savannah Drug Sales Defense Lawyer

Defense Counsel for Drug Sales Charges in Savannah

An effective defense against a charge of drug sales will vary based upon exactly what occurred in the case, and what the law enforcement agencies involved did prior, during and after the arrest. Every detail is crucial, as an error opens the door to reasonable doubt. The types of evidence that must be reviewed in order to make a decision about a defense strategy include the following:

  • Police reports
  • Lab reports
  • Arrest reports
  • Witness reports
  • Details regarding search and seizure
  • Details regarding the investigation that led to the arrest
  • Details regarding the police stop
  • Details regarding the arrest procedure

This is just a starting point in crafting a case for the defense. At The Schneider Law Firm, we have extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law, and our founder, Cris Schneider, is a former prosecutor who learned the ropes in the criminal justice system the hard way – serving at countless criminal trials. This is the type of Savannah criminal attorney you want fighting for you: seasoned, intelligent and with a record of positive verdicts. The first step in determining how to move forward with your defense is to listen to you and to hear your side of the story. You may believe you have no hope of winning, but in many cases there are such serious violations of rights that the entire case is dismissed. You owe it to yourself to have our firm review the evidence before you make a decision about your plea. You may be able to walk away, free, based upon the facts in your case.

Penalties for Drug Sales in Savannah, Georgia

The penalties imposed in a conviction vary based upon the type of controlled substance and the quantity. Sentences are enhanced when it is alleged that the crime took place within 1,000 feet of school grounds, parks, housing projects or in designated drug free zones, or when the sale involved any minor person. If you have a prior conviction, you will also be subject to enhanced penalties. The basics on penalties for drug sales are as follows:

  • Marijuana: up to 10 years for 10 pounds or less and up to 40 years for huge volume
  • Schedule I drugs: up to 30 years first offense, up to 40 years or life in prison second offense
  • Schedule II, IV and V drugs: up to 5 years first offense, 10 years second offense

Can you fight a drug sales charge?

Any criminal charge may have elements that allow for a successful defense. At our firm we are interest in one thing only – your side of the story. We want to hear from you exactly what happened so we can plan your defense case. There is just one person standing between you and the prosecutor, and all of the resources the state brings to prosecuting a drug sales case: your criminal defense lawyer. Make sure you choose a top quality, trusted and seasoned trial attorney, as your freedom depends up the skills exhibited in defense case development and presentation. We are professionals in the field of criminal defense, and we urge you to call us directly if you have been arrested and charged.

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