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Hinesville Criminal Defense Attorney

Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hinesville

Have you recently been arrested or are you the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation in or around Hinesville? If your answer is yes to either question then what you do here and now could have an impact on the entire course of your future. At The Schneider Law Firm, the Hinesville criminal defense attorneys at the firm are fully committed to upholding your constitutional rights and doing what they can to fight for a positive outcome in your case, regardless if you are facing charges for assault, or manslaughter or murder. Everyone in this country has the legal right to a defense and everyone has a right to a fair and speedy trial. The attorneys at the firm have garnered a reputation for being some of the most successful trial lawyers in the Hinesville and Savannah area, and they earned this reputation by achieving successful case results on behalf of their criminal defense clients.

You're probably wondering, what sets this firm apart from others? This is a very valid question and one that deserves ample attention. While the firm's lead attorney Cris Schneider focuses on criminal defense and DUI defense, he hasn't always worked as a private criminal defense attorney. His early career began in Atlanta where he worked side-by side with a nationally known and prominent defense attorney. While working in Atlanta for 10 years, he represented many high profile and celebrity clients. After relocating to Savannah, he accepted a position as the lead trial attorney for the District Attorney's Office for both Bryan and McIntosh Counties. What's more, he is also a known educator and speaker for prosecutors throughout Georgia. Since moving into private criminal defense practice, he has been able to realize his dream of helping the criminally accused as well as their families.

DUI Defense Representation: Misdemeanor & Felony DUI

Your driving privileges are essential to your livelihood and your ability to care for yourself and your loved ones. There is no question that if you have been arrested for DUI in Georgia, you face the possibility of an automatic license suspension (ALS). Please, keep in mind that you have just 15 days from the date of your arrest to schedule a DMV hearing with the Department of Driver Services (DDS). This is the hearing where the future of your license is addressed and failure to schedule and attend this critical hearing will result in an automatic license suspension.

While the administrative hearing addresses your license suspension, it is separate from the criminal hearing. At the criminal hearing, your defense attorney will not only work to minimize your criminal penalties, but they will also challenge the accuracy of the field sobriety tests, as well as any breath & blood tests. Since these two hearings are critical and directly affect the outcome of your DUI case, it's absolutely vital that you are represented by legal counsel at both hearings. Whether you are being charged with multiple DUI, or underage DUI or felony DUI, the attorneys at the firm have extensive experience in these types of cases and are extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the DUI process, as well as the Georgia DUI penalties.

Hinesville Criminal Defense Attorney

The founding attorney has 15 years of experience in the field of criminal law and the legal team can represent clients facing both misdemeanor and felony charges in the state and federal courts alike. If you are facing charges for assault, or battery or domestic violence, you could be facing from less than a year in jail to years behind bars depending upon the severity of the injuries inflicted. The firm can also represent clients who are in dire straits, facing charges for serious violent crimes such as manslaughter, murder and certain white collar crimes as well as certain aggravated sex crimes.

Whether you are facing charges for a theft crime such as shoplifting, or something more serious such as carjacking, robbery or burglary, the penalties that you potentially face will depend upon the value of the item stolen, whether or not you used violence to commit the crime, whether or not a weapon was used during the commission of the crime and whether or not you have any priors. No matter what you are being charged with, or where you come from, the attorneys at the firm are not here to judge you for your circumstances.

They are here to give you a voice when the system is against you and guide you through the criminal process from start to finish. They are not a weak or apathetic defense firm that will convince you to accept your punishment and go down without a fight. Instead they are 100% dedicated to finding flaws in the prosecution's case and using them to your advantage. You are important to them as is your future and your family, they will stop at nothing to defend your legal rights and pursue reduced if not dropped charges at all costs. If you are caught up in the criminal justice system and facing criminal penalties, you are urged to contact an attorney at the firm at once before this opportunity to fight is forever lost.

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