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Criminal Defense Attorney in Darien

The Schneider Law Firm offers criminal defense and DUI defense services to individuals in Darien and the surrounding community. The founding attorney, Cris Schneider welcomes all residents to contact the firm if they have been arrested and charged with a crime. While crime in Darien is lower than state and national averages, it does happen. If you have been charged with a criminal offense it is advisable to get the best representation possible. Attorney Cris Schneider has represented individuals in both Atlanta and Savannah and has worked as a DUI defense attorney for 15 years. Through his years in the legal field, Cris Schneider has handled charges related to drug crimes, sex crimes, and theft crimes.

Darien’s population was nearly 2,000 in 2010; this is an increase by 14% from the recorded census for Darien in 2000. While the population is smaller than other communities, Darien still sees a number of crimes. In addition, the growing population could indicate there will be a future increase in crime. Larger cities are known to have higher crime rates. This is just a consequence of the additional people. For Darien, the city saw 13 theft-related crimes in 2007. In addition, there are 16 registered sex offenders living within the city according to statistics from 2011.

Crime does occur in the city, and if you were arrested and charged with a criminal offense take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many other individuals have been charged with crimes. Sometimes good people just make bad decisions. You should not be embarrassed by your charges or be fearful of the future. There are people who want to reach out and assist you during this difficult time. The Schneider Law Firm provides representation for those who need it most. The firm offers confidential services and strong defense. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any additional questions or would like to arrange a consultation.

DUI Representation

In addition to representation for criminal offenses such as violent crimes and internet crimes, the firm also can provide legal counsel for individuals who have received a charge of driving under the influence. Many people are unaware that DUI is in fact a criminal offense. For a basic first offense DUI, the state considers the crime a misdemeanor. Driving while intoxicated can also be considered a felony offense if an accident or death was involved or if the alleged offender has had prior convictions of DUI. An attorney at the firm can assist you throughout the hearing and trial process. There are certain strategies that one can use to defend against a DUI conviction. Depending on your circumstance the firm may decide to pursue one of the following defense strategies.

  1. The police may not have had probable cause to pull you over. In order for an officer to make an arrest, he or she has to have “probable cause” or that the evidence must strongly point toward the fact that you had been drinking or driving. Without probable cause an arrest may not hold up in court.
  2. The field sobriety tests were not given properly. There are many different ways for the field sobriety tests to go wrong. First, the tests administered may not have been standardized. Non-standardized tests have much higher error rates. The individual also given the tests may not have passed due to factors like age, health, environmental conditions, and footwear.
  3. Your blood alcohol level (BAC) is rising. This is a phenomenon that happens when you have been drinking. It takes about an hour for the alcohol to completely absorb in the blood stream. An hour after you drink your BAC is at the highest level. If you had a drink prior to driving your BAC may have been at the legal limit when you drove. But when the officer pulls you over and takes you into the station for a blood or breath test, your BAC may have risen due to the time lapse.

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