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Savannah Criminal Defense Attorney

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When facing criminal charges of a greater or lesser degree, there is no doubt that you have some challenges lying ahead. The state of Georgia is exceptionally harsh in regards to criminal law and procedures, especially when it comes to illegal narcotics. Considering the close proximity to Florida, the state of Georgia has been combating its own war on drugs for years. If you are caught up in the criminal justice system, then you need a tough and aggressive Savannah criminal defense attorney now more than ever before. When facing the possibility of years behind bars and a permanent criminal record, who you choose to represent you can be a life-altering decision, and it's one that is in your hands alone.

At The Schneider Law Firm, the firm's founding attorney Cris Schneider has a stellar track record where he has worked with a nationally known criminal attorney in Atlanta for 10 years. There, he represented a number of high profile and celebrity clients. Once he relocated to Savannah, he served as a lead trial attorney for the District Attorney's Office for both Bryan and McIntosh Counties. Since moving to private practice, he now passionately represents the criminally accused all throughout Savannah, Richmond Hill, Rincon, Garden City, Pooler, Darien, Tybee Island and Statesboro.

Criminal and DUI Defense Representation

The firm strictly focuses its practice on criminal defense representation, including all types of DUI charges ranging from first time DUIs to multiple DUI, to felony DUI, to underage DUI. The firm can defend you against the possibility of an automatic license suspension (ALS) by representing you at the DMV hearing. The DUI process can be overwhelming to the defendant, but with the help of a seasoned and aggressive defense attorney, the accuracy of field sobriety tests and breath & blood tests can be called into question. DUI penalties can include jail time, community service, fines, driver's license suspension and a permanent criminal record; therefore, the sooner you get a lawyer from the firm on board, the better your chances of reaching a favorable outcome in your DUI case.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in the state or federal courts, the firm is prepared to fight no matter what challenges you are up against. The firm defends those who have been accused of assault, battery and domestic violence. They can also represent clients that have been arrested for a drug crime including: possession, distribution, trafficking, cultivation, manufacturing and transportation.

Savannah Criminal Defense Lawyer

The firm can also represent those facing charges for various sex crimes, internet crimes and theft crimes. Should you be facing charges for any white collar crime or a violent crime such as manslaughter or murder, the seasoned trial attorneys at the firm will provide you with superior legal assistance, all the while pursuing the best possible outcome in your criminal matter.

Contact a member of the legal team at The Law Schneider Law Firm for a top-notch defense lawyer fighting in your corner.